With all the different types of nutrition plans out there, it might be hard to know what right or what will work - but here's the thing.  Just because it worked for someone else, doesn't mean it will work for you.  I can help you understand what your body is telling you and figure out what works best for YOUR body.   The one thing I can promise is that you will not be starving or deprived.  There is a large selection of healthy, nutritious foods to choose from.   The goal is to get you set up with a nutrition plan that you can maintain for the long term to have lasting results.

You won't just be given a nutrition plan to follow.  You will be taught how to apply simple and easy methods for meal planning and meal prep.   Learn to create a a healthy and balanced nutrition plan for the entire family.  There's no need to cook separate meals anymore!

I am an approved business on Atsugi Base and I am a Certified:

  • Personal Fitness Chef

  • Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist

  • Kid's Nutrition Specialist

  • Food Sanitation Trained from Atsugi Naval Command

  • Completed Food Safety Course from Navy & Marine Corp Public Health Center

Do you struggle with knowing what foods are healthy?  Looking for a quick and easy guide on how to plan what to eat for you or your family?  
One on one or group classes available


You know what to buy, but need help learning how to maximize your time to be efficient with your meal prepping.

One on one or group classes available



If you are looking for someone to help you with the planning and prepping of your  meals, I offer a full service - do the grocery shopping, plan, prep and package the meals and have them ready to pick up.

Prices vary depending on package