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Becoming Pain Free is the first program of its kind! Join the webinar to preview some of the techniques that will be used in the program.

Stomach Ache

Becoming Pain Free

I guarantee you will come away from this webinar with actionable steps to feel better and decrease your pain - it's unlike any webinar you have ever done before!

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Presented by Susie Bower,
Founder of Fit and Kneady and creator of Becoming Pain Free

With more than 20 years as a board certified massage therapist working with clients on alignment, postural corrections, nervous system regulation, and pain management, Susie has created the Becoming Pain Free program to help decrease and/or eliminate pain for those who aren't able to have in person sessions. 

In today's webinar, you will discover easy to do self care methods to begin relieving your pain and learn more about what Becoming Pain Free can do for you!

In this webinar we will cover
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