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Meet Susie

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Susie Bower

Board Certified Massage Therapist, Neurofit and Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and  Podcast Host

Consistency. If there is anything my I want my clients to take away from our sessions, it's the power of consistency. 

If they are unhappy with where they currently are - it is from the consistent behaviors and patterns they currently have. If they want to change, there must first be an awareness, then change will happen - with consistency in those new patterns and behaviors.

I'm not someone that just tells my clients what to do, I show them what is possible. Through the past 20 years, I have had 2 back surgeries, 2 c-sections, and had my breast implants removed recently. Putting my health as a priority and consistently having behaviors that reflect my priority, I haven't changed much over the years.

Other ways to connect and work with Susie

I'm FINE but my depression isn't Podcast.png


I’m spilling the tea on my silent battle with depression since 1997. From becoming a party girl to cope with my pain, living in a body secretly that was falling apart mentally & physically, overcoming 8 surgeries in 20 years to now living in a pain-free body, a wife, mom of two, and CEO of multiple thriving businesses! I'm here to be that voice, the person for you I never had to help me as I silently struggled while wearing a smile, telling everyone "I'm fine" and desperately trying to convince myself too. You're not alone; you deserve better. I'll be your guide to stepping into your SPL!

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Mentor ~ Coach

After over two decades of working with women, I noticed several things they all had in common. Many women would come to me because they were struggling to lose weight. They were frustrated from trying everything and nothing working. 

Every cookie-cutter plan they tried only focused on drastically cutting calories and a basic workout program. It left out many essentials that greatly impact their results - like sleep, stress management and mindset. For long lasting results, they needed something created for their body, their needs, their goals that understood everyone is different. Depending on their internal and external environments, their body will respond differently too. 

I took my 20+ years experience of working with the nervous system to develop a strategic program that focuses on the deeper reasons why women can't lose weight to help you break free from dieting for good!

The Foundations will be the end of dieting and honors your unique body.


Get inspired and hear what my clients have to say 

Sarah P.

She knows movement of the body very deeply and had me working muscles I didn't know existed! I was amazed at the progress I made in 2 months of working with her, I don't think I'll ever let her go!  I feel INCREDIBLE!

Nikola S.

I started working with Susie by having her do my massages. Then she would show me things to do at home for pain and it worked! So I got a few sessions of personal training  with her and let me tell you... I have never looked so good naked! My confidence has sky rocketed!

Paula K.

I didn't want to lift weights because I thought I would get bulky and manly. Each week, I could see I was getting stronger and after a few months I was lifting weights I never thought I would be able to.  And I didn't get bulky, my curves are super sexy, but I am more excited about being able to keep up and play with my 3 kids. I could never do that before.

Micah B.

My body was so stiff, it hurt to do anything. After a few massage sessions with Susie, I can actually move without pain. She has a very different way to release muscles, nothing like I have ever had in massages before. 

Gracelynn T.

We started some massages for my low back pain, after it went away I started working out with Susie. I was shocked at how quickly my body was able to get more flexible. It wasn't just a quick fix either that only stayed for that session, I have constantly made improvements.

Sara K.

I went from a mom who  never let her husband see her naked, hiding in the back of photos or always taking the photo so I wasn't in it to a woman who loves her reflection, I wear cute, sexy PJs to bed and I don't cringe when my husband touches me. This might sound silly, but I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back.

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